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July 25, 2017
What's In Production......
We figured we can finally use this space for something cool.  Our
updates have been ... um .... lackluster to say the least. So now we
will use this update space to tell you what we are shooting, writing,
and what's been greenlit for production.

Kindly understand that everything that's greenlight doesn't always
make it to camera. And the things that are shot are sometimes
delayed. Okay with that understanding...let's see what's cooking!
New stuff...

The newest Breaking Kayfabe will head before the cameras this week with guest Teddy Hart. Teddy has long been
considered for KC shows and his inaugural appearance in now just days away. Release date is slated for September.

After a one year delay, it seems the
Vince Russo hosted series will finally make its way before cameras this October.
Sean and Vince touched base again this week and it seems all things are on track, though no guests have been
Vince Russo's Attitude is set to debut this winter.

Older buzz...

KC is in discussions with a vendor in an effort to bring some of our content to a subscription-based platform. Lots of
our viewers have been requesting this and we are trying to find a way to make it happen. It will likely be a monthly-
renewing subscription giving viewers access to a rotating catalogue of our shows. More details will be coming as the
deal develops.

Savio Vega has been booked to cover the world of Puerto Rican wrestling for the Back to the Territories series next

To celebrate our 10th year we have posted some excerpts from our booklet which was included in the KC Commentary
Set, wherein we detail our start in the business and the creation of our first products...the KC commentary tracks!
em out HERE!

Well that's what's going on right now. Check you next time and stay tuned!!!!